Friday, October 10, 2008

Festival Fishing


We went to the Festival today to get some food and ride some rides. We had some lunch that consisted of a sausage sandwich and corn on the cob on a stick for me and cheese fries and cotton candy for Natalie! Yummy! After that we got a wristband for the rides for Natalie. She had so much fun riding the rides. Then, we went and walked around the carnival area. If you have ever been to a festival, a lot of them have the game where you toss the ping pong balls onto a table of fishbowls filled with fish. I paid the $2.00 and got 20 ping pong balls. On about my 15th toss, it landed in the bowl! Yipee, we won a fish! Natalie got lucky though, the girl handed her a bag with 2 fish in it! We left the Fest with our prize in tow! We headed to Walmart to get a home and some fun stuff for Fluffy and Sparkle.



We set the bag in the home and waited for the water in the bag and in the home to stabilize. When I went to put Fluffy and Sparkle in their new home, Fluffy was gone. But that's okay because we still have Sparkle and she's doing great so far!


I love Festival Fishing!


Sarah said...

Yay for winning a prize! But where did Fluffy go??

Jennifer said...

Well, Fluffy wasn't swimming in the bag so she went swimming in the big river via the toilet! lol

Heather said...

lmbo on FLuffy! Festivals are hard on those fragile little fishies.

Natalie looks so cute with her prize!