Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nothing bad to say!

So, today I am sick. I woke up with congestion and a sore throat. I took some meds and we headed off to Church. Halfway through Mass, I feel like I might pass out because I made the mistake of wearing a sweater and I was sweating to death! I just kept thinking pleeeeeeeeease let me not faint in Church! lol We left a bit early right after Communion. By the time Natalie and I get home, my entire body is aching so much that my skin and hair hurts. I lay on the couch until I have to go back out 45 minutes later to a mandatory tithing meeting for school. After the meeting, I stop at CVS and pick up some NyQuil and some DayQuil. When I get home, Natalie and Rich had done the dishes and made a cake! I pass out on the couch. When I wake up, dinner is done and so are the rest of the dishes! I asked him to bring a bin in from the garage for me to put some of Natalie's summer clothes in and end up passing out again. (DayQuil makes me REALLY tired!) When I wake up again, the bin is inside waiting for me. Normally I have to ask like 50 times for something out of the garage! Now I am having some coffee and hoping to stay up the rest of the evening so I might be able to sleep tonight. My darling husband has been so nice today. He must truly love me! Hmmm...wonder if I can get him to do the laundry tonight too!

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Heather said...

I'm so sorry! We've had that funk here too and it stinks!