Friday, May 8, 2009

Hit and Run!


This morning on the way to school I was stopped at a light waiting to turn and this guy runs right into the back of my car! No big deal right. I put my flashers on and turn the car and he makes sure to turn behind me to make the light. I pull into the nearest parking lot and HE-KEEPS-GOING!! I quickly get back onto the road behind him but it's a one lane and there are now 4-5 cars behind him and in front of me. The one in front of me thinks I am a jerk and decides to drive 1 mph ON PURPOSE! I understand they don't know what happened but still I am trying to follow this guy and you are going 1 mph! I finally get behind him and he pulls into OUR SCHOOL! Imagine that! He pulls up to let his kid out and I jump out of my car and I knock on his window. He rolls it down and I say, "You hit my car, were you even going to stop?" and he yells, "Well was there any damage." (NOT THE POINT). I say, "I don't know yet, I was trying to follow you to get your license plate number for leaving." AND-HE-LEFT-AGAIN!!! I scramble to get his license plate and park my car to take Natalie in and to call the cops to file a Hit and Run. (I forgot my cell phone this morning...never again will that happen!) The cop finally gets there and I have no idea what make the car is. I just know it's a white car driven by an older gentleman. I guess when I wrote down the license plate, I had a letter instead of a number. I think they still found it though. I CANNOT believe that this guy didn't stop and left twice all while taking his child to a CATHOLIC school. Un-freaking-believable!

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Chrissy said...

Freaking loser.