Friday, November 7, 2008

Where did my sweet child go?

One of us is not going to make it out alive! lol (Okay, we WILL make it out alive but at the moment it doesn't seem that way!). My wonderful, sweet, nice, caring child has been taken and replaced with a rude, spoiled, bratty little stranger! EVERYTHING is a struggle. Getting out of bed-struggle. Eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner-struggle. Getting dressed-struggle! I am ready to pull my hair out. Please and Thank You has gone out the window. Today she went to the bathroom when she finally got out of bed and said, "I didn't turn the lights on". Meaning... I didn't turn them on so I am not turning them off. I told her that bratty little children don't get visits from Santa. They don't get Birthday parties or presents. Today for breakfast she ate 3 bites of apple sauce in a baby spoon and said she was full. Of course she is full, she refuses to eat a meal and her stomach is probably the size of a pea! I have to find a different approach. It seems like all I do all day is yell and as Dr. Phil might say......."How's that working for you?" It's NOT! She will be 5 in a month........if we make it! lol


Laurie said...

I hear ya! We have the same problems. It seriously takes an hour to eat a piece of pizza.

AJ said...

Our boys got a "tude" when they started school also. We just told them that we would play the game as long as they wanted but we as the parents would WIN! Good luck. Be a strong and loving parent!